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Imagine a gathering of the top minds in Ontario’s research, education and innovation industries — will you be there too? Every year, the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) hosts the THINK Conference to signal emerging innovation trends and what this means for our community.

Expect to hear from inspiring speakers, network with peers, and meet strategic stakeholders.

2016 Conference Updates

Theme: diTHINK

How does technology empower the digital individual?

It’s easier to harness digital tools today than ever before. You can track everything from your schedule to your real-time research data, or even your most intimate health details through mobile apps or even your clothing. You can access and share your office files anywhere, automatically adjust your learning experience, and before you know it, you might even be ordering your next meal from a 3D printer with ingredients specialized for your diet.

Welcome to the democratization of tech, where consumer devices have technology that pack a punch more powerful than the super computers of just 10 years ago. It’s empowering the individual to select, customize, utilize and control their own digital tools with little technical expertise and even less investment. DIYers can set up their own collaboration systems, undertake advanced computing analysis of crowd-sourced data, and create monitoring devices tailored to their community’s needs. Tech goes selfie.

This year, we ask you to THINK about how the technology-enabled citizen is already impacting your institutions today and the possibilities that this ever-growing wave of innovation could have on the way we learn, work and play. Speaker presentations will inspire us around the possibilities as well as explore the fundamental challenges, while breakout sessions will allow you to shape the way we meet these challenges within particular sectors.

Breakout sessions

  • diLearn – Analytics-based learning
  • diEconomy – Connectivity for the innovation economy
  • diAdvancedComputing – Empowering HPC, research, and big data

New Partnership: Compute Ontario and ORION

Compute Ontario Research Day joins forces with ORION’s 2016 diTHINK Conference. We are proud to announce a partnership between Compute Ontario and ORION for a joint conference!

Mark Daley, Chair, Board of Directors, Compute Ontario:

Compute Ontario is delighted to partner with the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network in joining our two signature events, Compute Ontario Research Day and the THINK Conference. ORION is an important partner with a deep understanding of our mandate to provide collaborative innovation leadership and support and serve discovery across Ontario. ORION and Compute Ontario share key stakeholders: Compute Canada, SHARCNET, SciNet, and HPCVL; with so much in common, I am confident that Compute Ontario’s collaboration with ORION will be a fruitful one.

Compute Ontario’s Research Day (CORD2016) will join together with diTHINK, to bring high-quality content to attendees, all in one day.

Stay tuned for the call for speakers and student presentations for CORD2016!

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Group rates available!

We know that innovation can be powerfully sparked when we put our heads together. That’s why we’re offering new group rates. Round up a group of three of more and come to diTHINK together, enjoying 50% off regular price, per person. Contact us to learn more.

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