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Who should attend:

  • Technology leaders from healthcare, research and education institutions
  • Technology champions including researchers, students, educators, librarians, policy makers, and innovation community leaders

THINKOpen 2017 Conference

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Event highlights and what others have said about the conference:

  • “I wanted to see what innovation was happening in education K-12 and then see how that translated to post-secondary and also industry. Having all three sectors there was very important.” — Ministry of Education attendee
  • “I enjoyed the conference, its location, logistics, and contents. I had not planned to stay for the whole day, but I managed to reschedule my other commitments to stay for the whole day.” — York University attendee
  • “My primary objective for attending was networking and being exposed to the latest trends in keeping up with digital technology.” — SHARCNET attendee
  • “The conference was very well organized, and I would strongly recommend it!” — District School Board of Niagara attendee


diTHINK 2016 Conference

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